‏Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health.

‏Have you ever received a bouquet of roses and when you have smelled it, you felt an immediate uplifting effect? You might not think as fact, but this is exactly the way that aromatherapy works and takes effect on us.

‏One of the nicest gifts from nature, a woman can receive, is the ability to enjoy the vitality and effectiveness of the rose essential oil: not only the beauty and the amazing scent, but also its medical qualities are incredibly fascinating and may improve women's well being during pregnancy, menopause or day to day life. Pure rose essential oil encourages the blood flow in the uterus, strengthens the stomach and therefore prevents nausea. It enhances the development of the nerve and blood system of the fetus and also good to remember, that rose oil is a very strong anti – depressant!

‏Each essential oil is a success story in itself: it is obvious to everyone, there is no synthetic compound that can contain all the properties available at once such as: analgesic, anti - inflammatory, prevents infection and cramping, also encourages the formation of breast milk, strengthens the uterus after birth, stimulates and strengthens the nervous system. If I told you I am writing down the properties of jasmine absolute oil, would you have ever guessed?

‏These are just a few examples of the complexity of aromatherapy, and how it benefits all kinds of problems that women encounter during their pregnancy and postpartum period. It is important to know, essential oils never cause side effects and completely safe during fertility treatments, pregnancy and labor. Still, you should not mix blends without any professional training, because essential oils, like any medicine, are prohibited for use without professional supervision. Using aromatherapy treatments can be enjoyable in a pleasant, effective and safe way in order to improve your health!


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HypnoBirthing and Aromatherapy

‏How HypnoBirthing and Aromatherapy Can Make a Gentle Birth Experience

‏Every woman dreams of an easy, relatively painless birth without complications. The ultimate solution is combining the special birth technique, HypnoBirthing with the support of essential oils, namely aromatherapy.
‏Why exactly can these two techniques help best?
‏The philosophy behind HypnoBirthing is that fear creates tension, and tension causes pain for mother and stress for her baby. By reducing fear childbirth can be calm and relaxed, faster and easier, without artificial intervention (by chemicals), accompanied by fewer complications.
‏HypnoBirthing tools are meditation, guided imagery and special breathing techniques. Here aromatherapy may fit in as a powerful, subtle and effective tool supporting these important methods in order to achieve a gentle birth.
‏Aromatherapy is one of the alternative medicines, the use of essential oils in a holistic approach. Aromatherapy affects the body, soul and spirit simultaneously.
‏HypnoBirthing puts the main emphasis on the mother's mental state. When the mother is relaxed and calm, trusts her body and works together with the baby during birth, the birthing process is full of the magic of supportive hormones and turns out to a happy experience. Here are several examples of how HypnoBirthing and aromatherapy help to achieve this state:
‏• Meditation: a change in consciousness using techniques such as guided imagery. Essential oils are known and were used for thousands of years for this purpose. For example, Frankincense essential oil represents the nobility of essential oils, which connects soul and spirit and gives a person a deep inner calmness. (In churches it is still in use) Frankincense has the ability to slow down and deepen your breath, which is very conducive to prayer and meditation. Frankincense contains chemical components called monoterpenes. These molecules are known to alleviate pain, they are powerful sedatives.
‏• Breathing techniques: There are three types of breathing according to the phases of birth. Sleep breathing helps to achieve a meditative state, serves to calm down. The most important breathing technique is slow breathing, aiming on the expansion of the cervix during labor. The last special type of breathing is used when the "mother breathes the baby into the birth canal." All types of breathing require some support, so there are three different types of aromatic blends, containing various essential oils.
‏• Supporting environment: during the birth the surroundings have a profound influence on the mood of the mother. The partner, doula and midwives play a very important role in the birth process and can affect birth outcomes. Hypnobirthing guides them through and teaches gentle way of support. Aromatherapy is a fine representative of Mother Nature by ensuring psychological support, relaxation and stress relief. It clears the air of the birthing room, uplifts your mood and recharges positive energy.

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